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Small Business Owners Love 43Leads

Private Child Educator

While considering the upgrade to 43Leads, we tested the company’s existing web contact forms—one for prospective clients, and one for job candidates. We found that the company wasn’t receiving emails from either one. After additional investigation, it was discovered that their IP address had been blacklisted for several weeks. The company didn’t notice on their own because they don’t receive many contacts on any given week through their website. They immediately moved to 43Leads, and the next day they received a solid lead! We don’t know how many leads were lost before the transition to 43Leads, but now the company doesn’t have to worry about missing . . .

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Say Goodbye to Spam! Here’s How Our Hosted Web Forms Protect Your Inbox and Your Time

One of the clients we brought on this month is an electrician in San Diego. While still a small, local business, her company has grown over the past several years due to successful marketing and the amazing reputation she’s built for doing quality work. As you may have experienced with your own website though, as your Google rankings improve and your website gains traffic, there’s often a significant increase in contact form spam as well. That means dealing with a flood of spam emails in your inbox each and every day. You may find yourself spending way too much of your valuable time wading through spam in order to get to messages from legitimate prospective customers. Popular website platforms, like WordPress, offer a myriad of plugins and add-ons to help protect from spam form submissions. But even with those plugins in place, the electrician’s website was still being hammered with spam each day. Spam emails don’t just break up your work throughout the day with . . . Read More »