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Medical Practice

A medical practice that relies heavily on leads through their website had experienced multiple issues with keeping their website’s contact form plugin up-to-date. Then, they ran into a serious problem when an update broke a part of the form’s critical functionality. After dealing with a dysfunctional contact form for a period of time, they made the move to 43Leads, where there are no plugins or software updates to worry about. That was more than a year ago, and the physician’s office hasn’t experienced a single issue with the contact form since! During a recent email problem on their end, the client was able to access the real-time backup provided by 43Leads . . .

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Event Services Company in San Diego Relies on 43Leads to Protect Their Growing Business

Recently, 43Leads signed up a new customer—an event services company in San Diego. This company specializes in logistics and planning for large sporting events in Southern California and also operates as a venue sourcing service. Since this is a startup company with a new website and operating in a very niche market, they aren’t yet getting a lot of leads through their website. They are still getting their name out there and ramping up their digital marketing efforts so their potential customers can find them online. Currently, the company could go several weeks without receiving a legitimate lead through their website’s contact form. This will certainly change as the business grows, but as of now, if they went a month without being contacted through their website, they might not think anything of it. But what if people actually were trying to connect with the business through their contact form, but the messages just weren’t being received? This happens more . . . Read More »