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Medical Services Company

Prospective organizations looking to partner with this medical services provider use the company’s website to learn more about their services, and to reach out to begin a working relationship. In addition, this growing company uses their contact page to communicate with job seekers looking to join their team. Before the company knew about 43Leads, their server’s IP address had been blacklisted and they were missing valuable contacts and leads. Understanding that organizations expect reliability when selecting medical service providers, the company moved to 43Leads. Now, their lead capture process is rock solid!

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Want to Automatically Qualify Your Website Leads? 43Leads Now Supports In-session Lead Qualification

The 43Leads platform was created with small businesses in mind, and was designed to specifically address the form submission types, website traffic profiles, and data retention requirements of small, nimble organizations. To that end, we’ve added a new set of functionality that provides automated lead qualification within our hosted contact forms and lead capture pages.

What’s Automated Lead Qualification?

Simply put, our lead qualification mechanisms can be added to any 43Leads hosted form and provide an automated way for a user’s information to be filtered out when appropriate. Based on the information provided by users, our system determines if they are a lead worth keeping or if they should be filtered out. Here’s how it works. Based on criteria you provide, the system determines if the user’s submitted information meets your minimum requirements and is a good fit for the services you provide. If it’s a good lead, we store the information and notify you . . . Read More »