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Small Business Owners Love 43Leads

Home Improvement Contractors

This home improvement company typically receives 5-10 leads per week through the contact form on their website. And that number is increasing as the company continues to grow at a steady pace. They operate in a very competitive market, so they only have a small window of time in which to respond before the potential customer reaches out to a competitor. They had never experienced the frustration of having their IP blacklisted, but more than a year ago, they wisely upgraded to 43Leads, recognizing it as an inexpensive solution to ensure they never do.

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Tired of WordPress Plugin Updates for Your Contact Form?

Most experienced web developers try to minimize the number of plugins they run on WordPress websites. And for nearly all WordPress-based small business websites, there is at least one plugin being used to offer a contact form for visitors to get in touch with you. Your website’s contact form is important. The majority of small business service companies gather their leads from phone calls and contact form submissions, above all other methods. In many cases, the contact form is the only way a potential customer can make contact 24/7 and reasonably expect to hear back the next day.

WordPress Owns the Internet

Recent stats indicate that more than 20% of websites are running on WordPress! It’s far and away the most popular CMS, and in general, the single most popular website platform too. That means your small business is probably using WordPress. And you’re probably running a plugin (or two) for your contact form(s). So what’s wrong with that?

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