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Small Business Owners Love 43Leads

Private Child Educator

While considering the upgrade to 43Leads, we tested the company’s existing web contact forms—one for prospective clients, and one for job candidates. We found that the company wasn’t receiving emails from either one. After additional investigation, it was discovered that their IP address had been blacklisted for several weeks. The company didn’t notice on their own because they don’t receive many contacts on any given week through their website. They immediately moved to 43Leads, and the next day they received a solid lead! We don’t know how many leads were lost before the transition to 43Leads, but now the company doesn’t have to worry about missing . . .

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Featured Articles

43Leads Now Supports Real-Time iPhone Media

We’re excited to share a recent enhancement to the 43Leads hosted web forms platform. Now 43Leads offers native support for photos and videos taken in real time on the iPhone. This platform extension has been rolled out and is available to all accounts. That means users can take a video or capture a photo on their phone at the moment when the website form asks for it, making the user experience seamless and easy.

Why Is Media Uploading an Important Feature for Website Forms?

Many small businesses benefit from allowing users to upload files, like resumes and other documents. That’s not new. But in recent years, it’s become more common to ask users to upload a photo or video as well. Small businesses can leverage media technologies to gather more information from prospective clients, or to provide better customer support. For example, a plumber may benefit from seeing a photo of a broken sink. That may aid his ability to estimate the job and gather supplies before . . . Read More »