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Commercial Landscape Architect

It wasn’t until an angry client called to ask why, after multiple times reaching out, the company refused to respond, that the landscape architecture company realized something was wrong. After some investigating, the company found that their IP address had been blacklisted. Another website on their shared server was sending out spam, resulting in their IP being reported. Their website company was successful in getting the landscape architect’s website removed from the blacklists, but only two days later, their IP was blacklisted again, causing them to miss emails. They were able to recover some, but not all of the estimated 43 leads they had missed over the . . .

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43Leads Adds Custom Confirmation Pages for Hosted Small Business Website Forms

Often, the most important function of a business website is to gather contact information from potential customers. That usually means offering a contact form or a lead capture page of some type that potential customers fill out and submit. 43Leads is all about making it easier for you to convert website visitors into leads, and eventually into customers, by notifying you right away when someone wants to talk, and by securely storing the information they share through your contact form.

But what do you want website visitors to do AFTER they fill out your form?

Wouldn’t it be great if your visitors continued to experience the content on your website, if they learned more about your company and services, if they didn’t just leave? 43Leads has added a new feature to help you extend engagement with website visitors by providing them with additional resources and offering them a secondary action. We are now offering the option of a custom-built confirmation page . . . Read More »